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Our Passion is your success.

An exhibit house completely dialed in to your trade show and event needs. An experienced team dedicated to maximizing opportunities and minimizing budgets. The perfect blend of forward thinking design, creative engagement marketing, results oriented lead management and cost efficient show service and on-site management.

Dedicated Core Team

Our expert specialists bring skill and passion to every aspect of the exhibit and events industry. While our creative thinkers make your ideas come to life, our right-brain professionals manage the details needed to keep your project on schedule and on budget.

Unique Solutions

Our time-tested approach combines your specific needs and objectives with our knowledge of the latest trends and technologies. The result? A customized event solution that makes the biggest impact possible.

Strategic Planning

The landscape of the exhibit industry is changing rapidly. Escalating fees and expenses imposed by associations and show decorators continue to reduce the amount that can be spent on your exhibit presence. Our e-process allows us to strategically manage these rising costs, and maximize your exhibit experience.

Did you know?

Exhibitpro is committed to maximizing your marketing investment. These statistics, from the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, Exhibit Surveys, Inc. and the ABC’s of Trade Show and Exhibit Marketing, demonstrate the impact and value of trade shows and events. Source Links:

  • B2B exhibitions were 39.2% of B2B marketing budgets in 2011 39.2%
  • 81% of trade show attendees have buying authority. 81%
  • 99% of marketers said they found unique value from trade shows they did not get from other marketing mediums. 99%
  • Converting a trade show lead to a sale costs 38% less than sales calls alone. 38%
  • 67% of all attendees represent a new prospect and potential customer for exhibiting companies. 67%